Our Yearly Maintenance Plan provides you with safety, energy and money savings, along with the peace of mind that your equipment is properly cared for and running smoothly. Plus, the annual services and professional cleaning can double the remaining life of your whole HVAC system.

Plan includes:

•One precision tune up, cleaning, and rejuvenation of your air conditioning unit, plus one safety check (early spring/summer)


•One precision tune up, cleaning, and rejuvenation of your furnace or boiler, plus one safety check (early fall/winter)

•Humidifiers, mini-splits, and air purification systems may also be included in your plan

•Savings on utility bills- properly maintained systems run more efficiently

•25% OFF our regular price guide for replacement parts

•Discounted emergency service rates- labor rates go from $189/hour to $99/hour and the standard service call charge remains $99 (normally $129 for emergency calls)

•Convenient, automatic monthly charges- no money due up front or at time of service (unless additional work is required)

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