Air Quality Testing – Why It Is Important

Our homes, businesses, and schools are all subject to a variety of potentially hazardous substances being circulated through the air we breathe 5-7 times per day. This includes substances such as particulates, airborne chemical pollutants (VOC’s) and carbon dioxide, all potentially contributing to or causing allergies, asthma, and a diminish in cognitive function in healthy adults (also known as “Brain Fog”).

These pollutants, along with the relative humidity which increases the growth of mold and dust mites, are all measured by our Air Advice IAQ testing machine. This machine is equipped with special sensors that allow it to detect these harmful conditions that are not recognizable otherwise. To learn more about the testing process and what solutions we offer for specific problems, read this case study (opens pdf), or read this brochure (opens pdf).

Still Not Convinced? Watch the 5-danger levels video below: