Simons Finance Options

Simons provides two trusted and secure financial options. Both have a simple application process. Offer near-real-time pre-approval, further review, or decline decisions, and offer convenient and affordable monthly renewal payment options:

Option 1 – Payzer

“Why is financing a good option?
It is increasingly normal to finance larger purchases and to make higher quality home improvements. For example, would you pay cash for a new car? Most people will finance this purchase. The same goes for investing in an equally necessary item like a new furnace or water heater. With attractive interest rates and easy application processes, acquiring a loan for these important purchases becomes much easier. Additionally, the money you will save on your utility bills by financing the installation of a new, high-efficiency system can be used towards paying off the loan faster. Nowadays, more people will choose to finance their home improvement projects than not. Because of this, we have partnered with two highly reputable lenders in order to give our customers more opportunity to make these projects happen. Begin your instant-approval application process by clicking the Payzer button below!


  • Interest rates as low as 0% for 12 months
  • Seasonal specials available throughout the year
  • No early payoff penalties on any plans



Make a Payment Apply For Financing

Option 2 – Microf

Microf provides unmatched flexibility to consumers through quick response times and multiple payment terms and options. Microf helps restore the heating and cooling needs of the consumer with an affordable monthly payment through their extensive contractor network, specializing in lease purchase options for residential replacement HVAC systems


  • Hassle free monthly payments with no credit necessary
  • Affordable 36, 48, or 60 monthly renewal payment options
  • Monthly payment and early purchase option discounts